ThemeForest - One - Multi-Purpose Parallax HTML5 Template - RIP | 33,6 MB

ThemeForest - Zbz! Splash - Interactive One-Page Template - RIP | 4,74 MB

Zbz! Splash is a template that fills your website with emotions and expression. And the most amazing thing is that everything is done automatically. You just have to decide how do you want your content to appear and disappear.

ThemeForest - Car News - HTML for Car Website - RIP | 8,58 MB

Car News Blog is a unique HTML for any type of vehicles news & information website, designed in bootstrap grid system. It's a creative and modern design that will make your website stand-out in the crowd. It is suited in both and personal & commercial websites.

ThemeForest - Act - Multipurpose Nonprofit Bootstrap Template - RIP | 3,27 MB

Update in Progress: drop down nav, team page, calendar page, blog front page options, blog about author page, disable animations on mobile. Anything else please leave comment!
Act is a multipurpose template design with nonprofit organizations in mind. The template is built on top of bootstrap 3 and offers a creative, flexible and responsive solution.

ThemeForest - FlowVin - One Page Vintage HTML5 template - RIP | 3,57 MB

FlowVin is one page vintage HTML5 template which was built focussing on those who are into fashion, photography or flower shop.

ThemeForest - Attorney - Template for Lawyers - RIP | 4,83 MB

A responsive, simple, clean and elegant multi purpose site template built with Bootstrap. 100% Customizable and 100% Responsive. Created with HTML5 and CSS3.

Gelato Script Font for $60


Gelato Script Font

Gelato Script is a smooth-flowing typeface with an air of familiarity. Influenced by both formal scripts and mid-Twentieth Century hand lettering. The power of OpenType is used with precision in the Contextual Alternate feature to make sure letters connect seamlessly, t’s cross where they can and swashes don't crash into neighboring glyphs. 781 glyphs make up this font, which is capable of speaking in many different languages. Alternate forms are grouped into stylistic sets to make it easy to change the mood of the text. For example, ss01 makes droopable letters drop below the baseline to break it up a little if required. I recommend using it sparingly, one glyph at a time, but if you do enable it for a whole chunk of text, the clever OpenType programming ensures that it doesn't go overboard. Sets 2, 3 and 4 bring about alternate forms of S, s, B and Q. Set 5 changes AE and OE to some perhaps controversial Upper/lowercase ligatures. Engage ss06 for the underline feature. After a word, simply type two or more underscores and a line extends backwards under the word you just typed. Don't worry if you have to break for a descender, the OpenType programming will take care of making sure it connects properly to the preceding character. Sets 7 and 8 are for alternate ampersands, and ss09 swaps the script r for a regular shaped r.

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 4.4 Mb RAR

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Mojo-Themes - Mady Bootstrap App Landing Page - RIP | 2,60 MB

Madyis a single page responsive landing page for apps. It's built on Bootstrap v3.2, with a clean flat design and retina ready.

Mojo-Themes - Kuti - Responsive Coming Soon HTML Template - RIP | 39,9 MB

Kuti responsive coming template is very simple, nice and clean. It's created based on Bootstrap Framework. It has a very detailed documentation. This template includes MailChimp Subscription, Countdown Timer, Font Awesome icons, custom backgrounds and much more!

Cultura New Font Family - 10 Fonts for $240


Cultura New Font Family

Cultura New is a reviewed, expanded and improved version of the previous released Cultura.

OTF | 10 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.6 Mb RAR

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