Stickers Vector Set #53, 2xEPS
Stickers Vector Set #53 by Aisha7500
2 EPS | 24 Mb

Stock Vector - Stickers Collection 5, 6xEPS
Stock Vector - Stickers Collection 5 by user85
6 EPS | + JPEG Preview | 13 Mb RAR 



i13 Pinball

High quality pose collection for V4 with pinball machine!

Pinball Machine (.pp2+.obj)
20 GOTO poses for V4
20 Use anywhere poses for V4
20 Cameras


Stock: Royal vintage frame

Stock: Royal vintage frame

5 eps files  l  jpg prew  l 31,3 mb

Stock: Vector Interior Furniture Design

Stock: Vector Interior Furniture Design

5 eps files  l  jpg prew  l 22,6 mb

Blood Bound - Barbarian Princess


Blood BoundCenturies ago during the dark ages a war was waged between good and evil. Wizards of awe-inspiring powers unleashed horrifying beasts who's sole purpose was to destroy all that was good in the land. Harsh battles and innumerable deaths led historians to define this as the age of "Blood Bound".

Dress up your heroine to defend her people with this new fantasy set.
Barbarian PrincessMorris presents: Barbarian Princess for the Blood Bound outfit by Mint3d.

Barbarian Princess includes six sets of gorgeous detailed textures for Blood Bound, featuring silver and gold metallics, leathers, and beautiful gems!

All six sets have been optimized for DAZ Studio and Poser 5+!


Stock: Vector Opening Window

Stock: Vector Opening Window

5 eps files  l  jpg prew  l 91,7 mb

Stock: Back to school. Vector pupils
Stock: Back to school. Vector pupils
5 eps files  l  jpg prew  l  26,44 mb

Stock: Vintage frame design

Stock: Vintage frame design

5 eps files  l  jpg prew  l  49,51 mb

Stock Photo: Love couple in autumn park

Stock Photo: Love couple in autumn park

5 jpg  l  ~6700x4500  l  80,21 mb

Jungle Ruins - Jungle Ruins 2


Jungle Ruins Jungle Ruins is a highly detailed fantasy environment piece with overgrown plants and includes bonus modular props.
Jungle Ruins 2A companion product to "Jungle Ruins," offering several modular props to add some variation to your jungle ruin scenes.


Your Studio by adamthwaites


Your Studio by adamthwaites
Create and build your own photo studio

for Poser 4 or newer OR DAZ Studio (free or advanced)

Your Studio includes you a large number of props and textures to create an infinite number of photo studio scenes for your favourite characters.

The promo renders show some examples of scenes that can be created using only the content included in this pack. The YSPromos.pdf gives you a behind the scenes look at how the promo renders were made.


Original sounds of the Acer Liquid Metal - Gfxtra
Format: mp3-ogg | 192 Kbps | Quantity: 90 | Size: 17.3 mb

Winter Holiday Items


A collection of items to spruce up any winter holiday scene.


ZBrush Total Curso Completo

ZBrush Total Curso Completo | 9.66Gb

Footage Leaks (VideoHive)

Footage Leaks (VideoHive) Canopus HQ
20 Full HD | 1920x1080 | QT JPG 2000 + alpha | 3.378 gb.
You can use all the files in various combinations and receive a large number of variants of the results.


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Photo Gallery - Beautiful World#6 Gfxtra
62 JPG | ~2000x3000 | 171 Mb

Modern and Creative Business Cards Bundle vol.1
Modern and Creative Business Cards Bundle vol.1
10 Business Cards | Print Ready | CMYK at 300dpi | Size: 3.4 inc X 2 .2 inc | 497 MB

Children Autumn frame - Autumn rabbit

Children Autumn frame - Autumn rabbit
PSD | 3543x2480 | 300 dpi | 67 Mb
Author: sultana

DM's Fairy Charm


All of your fairies, fae, sorceress and other magical spirits will be so delighted with DM's Fairy Charm. Included here are two carefully crafted staffs with several colors to choose from, and a fairy wand that is bound to be full of pixie dust and sprinkles, plus much more. Fairy Charm is sure to stir up your muse and connect you with the boundless creativity of your fantasy nature.


40 Poses for V4 (20 left, 20 right)
4 Props (.OBJ + .PP2)

- Rock
- Fairy Staff (smartproped to V4's left & right hand)
- Moon Staff (smartproped to V4's left & right hand)
- Wand (smartproped to V4's left & right hand)

35 Materials (.MT5/.MC6)

- 7 Fairy Staff Head Colors
- 4 Moon Staff Leaves Colors
- 20 Orb Colors
- 3 Wand Lights (Sparkle)
- 1 Wand Lights Off

4 Hand poses for V4
Detailed, high resolution textures


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