GR: Smart Photorealistic Mockup Set 3
GR: Smart Photorealistic Mockup Set 3
Layered PSD | RAR size: 5 MB
PAGE: .../item/smart-photorealistic-mockup-set-3/107195
  • A set of elegant visual elements that will enhance your project to make it further visually appealing. The mockup set allows you to seamlessly place your images/design layout/screenshots into a photo-realistic magazine mockup. The variation provided reflects the front view of an upright positioned magazine. Please check my portfolio for other variations. The mock-up provided is very easy to use and customize alike. Everything is automatically processed and added to your image. The sections that follow will walk you through the implementation and customization of the mock up to your preferences.
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JA Zite 1.0.0 Stable for Joomla 2.5
JoomlArt - JA Zite 1.0.0 Stable for Joomla 2.5 | 24,1 MB JA Zite 1.0.0 Stable for Joomla 2.5
  • JA Zite is July 2012 Responsive template for Joomla! 2.5, It is Business, events, social themed template and comes loaded with tons of features.
  • JA Zite is complimented with JA Social feed plugin and one can import feeds from all popular social sites. Seeing is believing, so checkout this all in one social feed page. One can import social feeds into specific K2 categories, its never been easy to populate content in Joomla 2.5 sites. Also checkout the pure CSS3 cool new animation effect on the Slideshow lite module right on the main page.
  • Powered by robust T3 Framework 2, JA Zite also has lots of bonus pages styled to get the maximum out of each feature. Do checkout these pages : Events, Speakers, Blog Style, Twitter Content, FaceBook Content, Vimeo Content, Flickr Contetnt, YouTube Content, Instagram Content, Contact Us Page and Typography. Check out the demo, it speaks for itself. Make sure to check each and every page on that demo.


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3DDD - Frames for 3DMax
79 Folders - Contain a Collection of Models and Textures for 3D Max 2009
RAR size:  270 MB, Unrar size: 1,22 GB
3DDD - Frames for 3DMax
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Beautiful Cursive Fonts Collection, 13 Fonts

Beautiful Cursive Fonts Collection
13 Fonts | TTF | PSD & PNG Preview | 5 MB
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CutReady: Sampler Pack 159xEPS

CutReady: Sampler Pack, Tattoo, Signs, Symbols etc.


159xEPS Vectors | RAR size: 10 MB 

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Love & Wedding, 28xEPS
Love & Wedding
28xEPS Vectors | 24 MB


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Autographis's 40 Fonts - Wiescher

Autographis (Wiescher) Fonts
40 | OTF | 8.69 Mb | PNG Preview | 11 MB

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FONTSHOP - 100 Best Commercial Fonts Ever Made!
100 Best Commercial Fonts Ever Made from FONTSHOP
TFF | 171 MB | See Font List! FONTSHOP - 100 Best Commercial Fonts Ever Made!
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Adventure to Apex 5xJPGs - Stock Image SS
5 UHQ RGB JPG Images | 5814x4436 Pixels | 33 MB  Adventure to Apex 5xJPGs - Stock Image SS
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4 Seasons in 1 Frame 2xJPGs Stock Image SS
Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in 1 Frame!
2 UHQ JPG Images | 5897x4468 Pixels | 37 MB 4 Seasons in 1 Frame 2xJPGs Stock Image SS
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3D Truck Outlines 5xJPGs - Shutterstock
5 UHQ RGB JPG Images | <6400x4800 Pixels | 34 MB
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3D Isometric Views of the Residential Houses on Drawing 5xJPGs Stock Image SS
5 UHQ JPG 3D Render Images | 6400x4800 Pixels | 60 MB  3D Isometric Views of the Residential Houses on Drawing 5xJPGs Stock Image SS
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Sound Effects Bible: Household

Sound Effects Bible: Household

 Sound Library, Sound FX
FX and Cinematic

  • Sound Effects Bible: Household - A general collection sound effects of items and appliances found around the house.
  • The Sound Effects Bible collection is a special series by author and sound designer Ric Viers and his team at the Detroit Chop Shop. Ric Viers has worked in the film and television industry for more than fifteen years. His location sound credits include hundreds of productions for nearly every major television network, Universal Studios, Dateline, Good Morning America, Disney, and many others. Known as the 'Rock and Roll Professor of Sound', Viers has hosted several video series like 'Rode University', 'Rode Rage' and 'The Detroit Chop Shop Video Diaries'.
  • Viers' sound design work has been used in major motion pictures, television shows, radio programs, and video games. In 2007, Viers launched his own label, Blastwave FX, to celebrate the release of his 100th sound effects library. Viers is the author of The Sound Effects Bible and is considered to be the world's largest independent provider of sound effects, with over 250,000 sounds and more than 600 sound effects libraries to his credit. He has produced sound libraries for numerous publishers, including Adobe, Apple, Blastwave FX, Sony, Sound Ideas, and The Hollywood Edge.
  • Tech Specs: 16 Bit Quality, 286 MB
  • Contains: 214 Household FX WAV Files 14 
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522 Amazing Vectors - Shutterstock
522 EPS Vector Files | RAR size: 195 MB < UnRAR 840 MB 522 Amazing Vectors - Shutterstock
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COMPLETE SET - Soccer Training Camp


Poster Template + Brochure Template + Business Card and Letterhead Template

3 Template Packs | 6 .INDD Templates + .PDF Details + .PDF Layout

+ EPS elements + .JPG images | 26 MB


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Digital Preserves - A Wedding for All Seasons

Digital Preserves - A Wedding for All Seasons | Type: Motion Graphics, Animation | 6 GB
  • Digital Preserves: A Wedding for All Seasons - Royalty Free Animations for Wedding, Quinceanera, Sweet Sixteen Video Productions! Add elegance and sophistication to your next video productions while you save time and money in the edit suite with Digital Preserves Wedding video animation loops!
  • Features: Seamlessly Loopable, 100% Royalty Free, contains 62 DV (720X480 QuickTime) animations, compatible with any non-linear editing systems, keyable elements contain alpha channels (32bit, millions of colors, RGBA), masks available.
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AEscripts - Plexus v1.4.5 Plug-in for After Effects  


AEscripts - Plexus v1.4.5 Plug-in for After Effects & Tutorial | Release Date: April 20, 2012 
Next-Gen 3D Particle System
English | Win64 | Software & Tutorial RAR size: 301 MB 
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Printers Apprentice v8.1 Build Font manager
Printers Apprentice v8.1 Build | Font manager
English | Windows XP/Vista/7 | 7 MB
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Alien Skin Eye Candy 6 v6.1.1.1137 Revision 20740

Program Name: Eye Candy 6 v6.1.1.1137 Revision 20740
English | WinAll | 52 MB

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Head First HTML5 Programming: Building Web Apps with JavaScript
Eric T Freeman and Elisabeth Robson, "Head First HTML5 Programming: Building Web Apps with javascript"
O'Re illy Media | 2011 | ISBN: 1449390544 | 608 pages | PDF | 85 MB
  • HTML has been on a wild ride. Sure, HTML started as a mere markup language, but more recently HTML’s put on some major muscle. Now we’ve got a language tuned for building web applications with Web storage, 2D drawing, offline support, sockets and threads, and more. And to speak this language you’ve got to go beyond HTML5 markup and into the world of the DOM, events, and javascript APIs.
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PRO XML Banner Rotator was created for use in existing websites, portfolio, presentations…


  • Fully XML driven, highly customizable and no flash knowledge required
  • 24 different transition effects
  • Control sequential or random order of transitions(global)
  • Control separate transition effect and mode for each image
  • Size, position and color full control through XML settings
  • Supports any width and height values
  • You can Enable/Disable the slide-show
  • The Thumbnail List and Navigation Button can be enabled/disabled
  • Supports auto hide mode for Thumbnail List and Buttons
  • You can set position, size, spacing, color and more for Thumbnails and Thumbnails List and Timerbar
  • Supports customizable Navigation button
  • Option to set AutoPlay time for each slide
  • You can assign links to your banners
  • Option to add custom background(image, swf)
  • You can set image border for banner and add blur effect to image border
  • Option to set type, border width and height, state and more for image border
  • Supports slideshow mode
  • Supports Ken Burns Effect mode
  • Ken Burns Mode : You can set duration, start and end position, start and end scale for each slide
  • Supports keyboard left and right arrow keys for navigation, space key to play/pause
  • Supports context Menu(right click menu) for navigation
  • Supports custom buttons in context Menu(right click menu) , You can set name, url, enabled for context Menu buttons
  • Unlimited number of slides
  • Supports JPG , GIF , PNG , SWF 


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4:79AM is a premium multipurpose theme which merges functionality with beauty. 4:79AM is very easy to customize, whether you are a HTML pro or just a beginner, you’ll have absolutely no problems at all working with this theme. The Bonus file will surprise you.



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ThemeForest - Creative - Responsive One Page HTML/CSS
This is simply amazing, colorful and enhanced One Page HTML /CSS template for the true creatives!
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YooTheme WordPress Theme Updated Pack – Warp 5.5 | 294 MB

  • Air v5.5.13
  • Balance v1.0.2
  • Big Easy v1.0.4
  • Bloc v5.5.13
  • Catalyst v1.0.3
  • Cloud v1.0.3
  • Corona v5.5.11
  • Crystal v5.5.10
  • Downtown v1.0.4
  • Enterprise v5.5.12
  • Explorer v5.5.11
  • Expo v5.5.13
  • Flux v5.5.10
  • Intro v5.5.12
  • Mellow v5.5.11
  • Milk v5.5.7
  • Nano v1.0.8
  • Neo v5.5.13
  • Noble v5.5.13
  • Phoenix v5.5.10
  • Planet v5.5.14
  • Pure v5.5.14
  • Quantum v1.0.8
  • Royal Plaza v5.5.13
  • Shelf v1.0.4
  • Spark v5.5.13
  • Streamline v1.0.4
  • Studio v5.5.12
  • Symphony v5.5.11
  • Vanilla v5.5.12
  • Vox v5.5.12
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ThemeForest - Notes - Multiple Directions HTML/CSS Theme | 4.2 MB
Notes is a single page HTML /CSS/javascript theme, specially designed for effective and clean vCards.



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