Netter Interactive Atlas of Human Anatomy

Netter Interactive Atlas of Human Anatomy

format ISO | English | All Resources | 268 Mb

B&B Italia - Interior Accessories Models

Chairs, Tables, Shelves 3D Max Models

formats: max, 3ds, obj, dwg | 316 models | 1.6 Gb

Walkway Interior 3D Scenes

Walkway Interior 3D Max Scenes

format MAX | VRay | textures | 174 Mb
Editor : maxlights58, 7-11-2012, 09:32 Edit Reason Scenes with textures

Art Recon - Antique Architecture Models

Art Recon - Antique Architecture 3D Models Vol.I-II
format 3DS & OBJ | 1.25 Gb

GraphicRiver - Floating Island Templates

GraphicRiver Floating Island Templates

3 PSD | JPEG Previews | manual in TXT | 142 Mb

Professional Studio HDRI Complete Bundle

Professional Studio HDRI Complete Bundle

format HDR | ~7000x3500 | 2.1 Gb

Spitzers Actions for Photoshop

Spitzers Actions for Photoshop

format ATN | JPEG Previews | 8 Mb

onOne PhotoFrame Professional Edition 4.6.6 for Photoshop

onOne PhotoFrame Professional Edition 4.6.7 x86/x64 | 1.48 Gb

PhotoFrame 4.6.7 Professional Edition features over a thousand design elements like film edges, borders, textures, backgrounds and adornments. It even has complete layouts where you just drop in your image. PhotoFrame 4.6.7 Professional Edition is the easiest and fastest way to add an authentic darkroom touch with a film edge or to create beautiful albums or scrapbook pages. It includes all the tools you need to find the perfect design elements, add them to your image and control things like size, color and opacity. You can even stack multiple elements to create your own designs and save them as a preset you can use in a single-click inside of Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture.

Alien Skin Bokeh 2.0.1 Build 442 for Photoshop
Alien Skin Bokeh 2.0.1 Build 442 x64/x86 | 114 Mb

Alien Skin Bokeh - this is new plug-in for Photoshop, designed to draw attention to a particular object in the photo. With this supplement you can add effects to the image depth of field, make a stand, or emphasize the main object of other available means. Feature of the plug-in that it closely mimics the effect of blurring, which can be obtained using these lenses. Bokeh - a focus on the main site photos.
Alien Skin Bokeh allow during post processing photos with the adjustment sliders to "manage" blur the background, set the diameter of the impact, depth, stiffness, aperture, focal length and distance shots. Since the plug-in allows you to change these parameters during the post-processing, that is already on the finished image, thus it can offset some of the disadvantages of digital cameras.

MCP Actions for Photoshop

Actions for correct color, contrast & saturation your photo
format ATN | JPEG, PDF Preview | 10 Mb

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