GSG Texture Kit Update Version 1.1 Beeple Materials - Essential Custom Materials for Cinema 4D
GSG Texture Kit Update Version 1.1 Beeple Materials - Essential Custom Materials for Cinema 4D | 437 MB
Texture Kit is a collection of over 140 Custom Materials and Textures for Cinema 4D for use in your projects and renders. These materials are made by Cinema 4D artists and ready for professional production work.
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Creating Plants in Maya and Mental Ray by Alex Alvarez


The Gnomon Workshop – Creating Plants in Maya and Mental Ray by Alex Alvarez
565 minutes | MP4 | 1280×720 | Project Files Included | 6.7 GB


Creating Plants in Maya and Mental Ray by Alex Alvarez
  • In this DVD, Alex thoroughly covers how to create realistic plants using Maya, Paint Effects and Mental Ray. We begin by evaluating the default paint effects library and how to convert the strokes into renderable geometry with mia Materials. Using Physical Sun/Sky, we create more photorealistic renders through the creation of our own materials in a tonemapped workflow circumventing the default shaders created by Paint Effects. Everything necessary to create double sided shaders with realistic glossy reflections and translucency is demonstrated in detail. We look at mapping all relevant paramaters for more believable shaders via diffuse, bump, reflection and translucency, including how to organize UVs into tiles for variety in our leaf textures. We take an in-depth look at creating ivy with Paint Effects and the Ivy Generator tool and incorporate the discussed techniques for plants and ivy into a cliff scene. All relevant Paint Effects settings are then discussed so that we can create our own custom plant library, all of which culminates in a photorealistic forest trail. We create a variety of plants from scratch including ferns, ground cover clover, spider plants and more, demonstrating how to incorporate them into a complex environment.
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NewTek LightWave 11.0.2 SP2 Build 2260 x32/x64

NewTek LightWave 11.0.2 SP2 Build 2260 x32/x64
Home :

  • NewTek is a new massive update last LightWave 3D, which is completed by an additional wide range of new features and functions to optimize the workflow in the development of 3D content.NewTek is pleased to present a maintenance update to the latest edition of LightWave 3D. LightWave 11.0.2 offers a range of new features and functions to enhance workflow for 3D content creators. These include a new Instancing workflow with a variety of distribution options, motion and surfacing controls; hardbody Bullet Dynamics; a new Flocking Controller for applying behaviors to masses of objects; Python scripting with access to the same range of SDK elements as LScript; new interchange tools for ZBrush and Unity; improved volumetrics; FiberFX performance improvements, texturing of fibers, support for the new instancing system, and a new volumetric mode that provides normals and improved support for buffer output; new blending capabilities for all modes of HyperVoxels; a new , more powerful and comprehensive Compositing Buffer Export image filter; enhancements to the Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR) and rendering speed improvements for GI and sampling; and performance enhancements in both Layout and Modeler.
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ActiveDen - Real 3D Magazine Page Flip v2
ActiveDen - Real 3D Magazine Page Flip v2 | 15,7 MB
Create amazingly realistic 3D interactive magazines, catalogs, brochures, books or newspapers.
The setup is easy and straightforward – you don’t need to have Flash installed – do everything just by editing xml files with a text editor. Flash knowledge or programming skills are not required.
You can customise the toolbar, change colors, background, camera settings, book size and orientation, music, flip sounds, speed, paper thickness, thumbnails size and much more – almost averything can be customized easily just by editing the xml file.
Give your customers a great reading experience with smart camera that zooms easily with mouse wheel and follows the mouse movement.

Main features

  • fully XML driven
  • AS3 , powered by Away3D 3.5 engine
  • highly customisable
  • pages load one at a time, you can start listing before the loading finnishes
  • bitmap smoothing for high resolution images
  • pages can be static images jpg, png, gif
  • pages can be fully interactive swf files that can contain music players, video players, animations, buttons, external links… all mouse events will work properly – you have unlimited possibilities for creating interactive magazines, brochures or catalogs
  • optimized – the number of pages doesn’t affect the speed – average of 50 FPS with bitmap pages, 20 FPS with swf pages
  • high number of pages supported, tested with 200+ pages
  • paper bends in real time following the mouse movement
  • paper waving effect – lighter paper waves more
  • turning speed – choose the turning speedvia xml
  • paper thickness – choose paper thickness via the xml
  • page width and height via xml
  • camera focus, distance, pan, tilt, zoom settings via xml
  • control the camera zoom, pan and tilt with mouse easily – smart zoom to the part of the screen where the mouse is – easy reaing without need to click and drag
  • camera follows mouse movement when zoomed for easy reading
  • camera zoom slider
  • camera pan angle slider
  • camera tilt angle slider
  • paper thickness slider
  • speed slider
  • background color
  • icons color
  • icon background color
  • view PDF (needs to be manually prepared) – the browser handles the PDF view and download
  • about us page, fully xml driven with custom scrollbar that is added dynamically if your text is larger than the text area and the html formatted text
  • contact form, fully xml driven with html formatted text and php file included
  • toggle fullscreen
  • music player with autoplay option
  • tooltip
  • and much more added in following updates
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Lightmap HDR Light Studio v3.0 Pro (Win32/Win64) + Live Plugins

Lightmap HDR Light Studio v3.0 Pro (Win32/Win64) + Live Plugins
HDRI lighting/reflection maps by Lightmap Limited | What's new: 
Release Date: 23.07.2012 | English | Windows XP/Vista/7
File Size: 11.39Mb / 12.1Mb / 39.64Mb

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended RU/EN
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended EN/RU | 1.8 GB


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CG Cookie: MAX Cookie, Modern Exterior Villa FULL!

CG Cookie: MAX Cookie, Modern Exterior Villa FULL!
Language: English | *.mov | H264 1413 kbps 30 fps | 1280×720 | AAC 128 kbps 22 KHz | 1.6 GB
Genre: elearning
  • CG Cookie Tutorial on the modelling and rendering of the exterior of a modern villa using 3dsMax. Videos and project files included.
  • Part 1 : In this video we’ll take a look at iRay usage for exterior architectural rendering. We’ll start modeling an exterior villa with a pool, preparing the scene using layers to make it simpler to be managed, and we start to apply some materials created using the Slate Material editor and Arch&Design shaders
  • Part 2 : In this video we’ll continue working at the exterior villa scene adding some new model parts and working a little bit more on the water shader, and the wood shader. We’ll add more details as wet maps on the ground, more complex bump layers over the water plane.
  • Part 3 : In this video we’ll continue working at the exterior villa scene. We’ll add a little bit of vegetation using the AEC primitives, then we’ll finalize the basic house 3D model and fix some stuffs for some shaders.
  • Part 4 : In this video we’ll finalize the Modern exterior villa project. We’ll work a little bit on some materials to fix colors, bump details etc. We’ll change the camera position and perspective to find a better point of view, and we’ll work on plants, adding some of it, moving the others, changing the materials with some basic Arch&Design shaders, we’ll work on the external wall to a better result, then adding a little bit of depth of field with iRay and fixing some parameters on the sky and the exposure control, we’ll be ready to move the rendered image in Combustion to work with color correction and other tools to find final look.
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Bunkspeed: PRO™ Suite 2012

Bunkspeed  PRO™ Suite 2012 4.5 x64 with Content | 1.4 GB  

  • The all new Bunkspeed PRO™ Suite 2012 is the combination of Bunkspeed Shot™ and Move™ into a single integrated application, along with many new additional features and productivity tools. The PRO Suite consolidates our effort to provide the creative digital designer in product design, graphic arts, architecture design and animation, the ability to quickly explore various design concepts and communicate their intent with beautifully rendered output in a single image and animation. The Bunkspeed PRO™ Suite adds functionality to enrich communication, evaluate product configurations, accurately simulate real world lighting and materials, streamlined work-flow, and scalable performance to meet the highest demands.
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Footage Firm: Corporate Style Templates (AE-Projects)

Footage Firm: Corporate Style Templates (AE-Projects)
This DVD contains 5 HD & SD After Effects Templates and
Photo JPEG Clips, and includes production music.
Resolution: 720x576, 1920x1080 | File Size: 1.1 GB

Product Description


  • This collection contains 5 customizable After Effects templates, and 5 flattened .MOV clips for customers who do not use AE. Production music is included!  
  • FOR AFTER EFFECTS USERS: These templates are compatible with CS4 and higher. All plugins are pre-rendered, and various composition sizes (HD & SD) are supported. It's as easy as dragging and dropping graphics, and modifying text! (A step-by-step guide is included with each clip).
  • FOR NON AE USERS: There are Photo JPEG QuickTime versions of the clips included for customers who do not use After Effects. Simply overlay your own graphics or text.


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Arroway Textures - StoneWork Vol.1, 2xDVD [Full Comlpete]

Arroway - Textures Stonework Vol.1  2DVDs | 7.9Gb


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