GoMedia Arsenal Complete Vector Sets 1-20 ($570)
Here is the ENTIRE GoMedia Arsenal Collection of Vectors (Sets 1-20, over 3,100 vector images).
I have been collecting and using these for a long time.
They are some of the best vectors out there. All sets are complete. ENJOY!
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Texture Packs Collection Designtnt

DesignTNT - Texture Packs Collection

542 JPG, 12 PAT and 2 PNG HQ Textures in 49 Packs | 4000x2000 Pixels | RAR 5.4 GB

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Creative Album Templates Wedding Series FULL!
12 Sets - 250 PSD | 2362x1600 | 30x20 | 200 dpi | RAR size 834 MB < UnRAR size: 2.04 GB
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Cover Action Pro v1.3, v2.0 and v2.5 - All PS Actions!

Cover Action Pro v1.3, v2.0 and v2.5 - Great Photoshop Actions Collection
PC & MAC | 295 Photoshop ATN Files | CS2 + | RAR 32 MB
  • The structure of the distribution includes only the specified package of action games. It is self-contained set designed for Adobe Photoshop and under Microsoft Windows, and for Apple Mac OSX. Everything else - too much.
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IconShock - Real Vista Education Illustrator Sources
1824 AI | + PDF Preview | Zipped to 572 MB < 825 Mb RAR
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European Foliage and Trees 1. model pack by Martin Teichmann

59 Vegetation models: 29 unique models plus up to 2 LODs per model. Textures up to 1024*1024 px size in TGA (including height, spec and normalmaps), ready to use in your 3D work.

PRODUCT PAGE: http://www.dexsoft-games.com/models/foliage1.html
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Dexsoft Games - Industrial Bundle Vol.1-7

 unityPackage, LWO, obj, DTS, ms3d, FBX, x (DirectX), DAE, DBO, B3D, u3d, LXO, C4D. 

Quantity : 447 Models | Textures TGA 1024x1024 Pixels
Difuse Map; Hight Map; Normal Map; Specilar Map | RAR 1.55 GB< UnRar 4 GB


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Dexsoft - Sci-Fi Turrets Model Pack | 133 MB RAR
33 models! (11 unique + LOD stages) with 1024x1024px textures in tga format
Ready to use in your 3D work.
All turrets have 3 LOD stages included!
Several meshes per model for easy animating!
Color, spec, normal maps included!
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ArtBeats - After Effect Tutorials 2009-2010
Year: 2009-2010, Language: English | RAR Size: 4.53 GB < UnRAR size: 9.4 GB
Video codec: QuickTime, Video: H.264, 960x540, 29,97 fps, Audio: AAC, Stereo (LR), 44.100 kHz
  • Artbeats recruits top experts in the design industry to create these educational video tutorials for you. Whether you're a novice wanting step-by-step instruction, or a veteran just looking to expand your creative possibilities, Artbeats video tutorials will help you build your own masterpiece using stock footage. Be sure to check back often for new videos.
    Artbeats has recruited design expert Steve Holmes of Energi Design to bring you bi-weekly video tutorials which show you quick tips for using stock footage in your projects in innovative ways. Whether you're a novice wanting step-by-step instruction, or a veteran just looking to expand your creative possibilities, these tips, presented in After Effects, will help bring your projects to the next level.
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Contacts 3/3 Conceptual Photography
Contacts - The World's Greatest Photographers Reveal The Secrets Behind Their Images [DVD]
Contacts, Vol. 3: Conceptual Photography (2005)
DVD-Rip | 2h 36min | 720x576 | PAL | DivX 1500 kbps | MP3 | 1.36 GB
Language: English / French (dual audio) Genre: Documentary
  • Based on an idea by William Klein, the Contacts collection is an invitation to discover the artistic approach of the greatest contemporary photographers from an original angle.
  • Through a series of images (contact sheets, proofs, prints and slides), with a commentary by the photographer herself/himself, the viewer enters the secret world of their creation and is guided into the heart of the photographic creative process.
  • Covers the following photographers: John Baldessari, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Christian Boltanski, Alain Fleischer, John Hilliard, Roni Horn, Martin Parr, Georges Rousse, Thomas Struth, Wolfgang Tillmans.
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