Tres Tres Chic Font $39
Tres Tres Chic Font $39
Tres Tres Chic Font $39

Tres Tres Chic Font

First partnership between & dooType studios, Très Très Chic is a display font, developed to be versatile and illustrative, with strong features that provide personality to the drawing. The characters were built based in primary geometric forms and the gentle delicate lines, in their main purpose, make this font very appropriate to the feminine universe. On the other hand, this font has its form filled with black, that could be applied evenly for a composition more dynamic and amazing, with variation of shapes and weight.

OTF | 1 Font | JPG Preview | 3.7 Mb RAR

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CreativeMarket 37463 - Wedding Business Cards Mock-Up


Design for Wedding Photographer. File is editable, you can change titles, contact form. Fonts are free (not included in file).

Adobe CS1+ | PSD, JPG Preview | 300 dpi | 45.5 Mb RAR

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North 06 Font $7


North 06 Font

A true north font of 152 characters, inspired by the black metal culture but more readable.

OTF | 1 Font | JPG Preview | 3.6 Mb RAR

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Bartender Font Family - 2 Fonts $27


Bartender Font Family

Small family called Bartender, for the lovers of retro style typefaces. Ideal for product names, packages, labels, old fashioned coffee shops, bars and everything with specific characteristics of past times.

TTF | 2 Fonts | JPG Preview | 4.2 Mb RAR

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CreativeMarket 52137 - The Ultimate Textures Bundle
CreativeMarket 52137 - The Ultimate Textures Bundle



~ 240 individual files | EPS, TIFF | 300 dpi | 522 Mb RAR


The collections included in this bundle are as follows:


01. 40 Vector Background Textures

02. 40 Vector Shape Textures

03. 30 Circular Vector Textures

04. 30 Super High Resolution Bitmap Textures

05. 20 Halftone Vector Textures

06. Anatomy Vector Collection 01

07. Distressed Vector Maps And Charts

08. Vector Textures Kit

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Amazing SS - Naya Saal Mubarak Ho, 25xEPS

25 EPS | + HQ JPG Preview | 105 Mb RAR

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Decode Font Family - 3 Fonts $35

Decode Font Family

Decode is a retro styled font, referencing the art deco typography from the 1920’s and 30’s. The font is designed to be in keeping with the art deco style but with a contemporary and modern finish making it a stylish font for all kinds of work. The typeface is available in 3 complimentary styles. Use one on its own as a headline font or combine all three to create eye catching typographic displays. Each version comes with deco styled caps with an alternate uppercase to add extra variation to your work.

OTF | 3 Fonts | JPG Preview | 20.9 Mb RAR

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Barocca Monograms Font $30


Barocca Monograms Font

Dramatically intertwining, Barocca is a beautifully romantic monogram font with passionate inclinations. She’s a performer who shines in the spotlight. Originating from experiments with highly flourished calligraphic letters using antique French nibs & sepia ink upon rag paper, she developed in a charmingly unique font with impulsively spirited center caps held in check by more disciplined side caps. On or off stage, Barocca sings! What is an Impression Limit? While most folks plan to use this font for personal use, some buyers may wish to create and sell products using this font. To make it easier for those wishing to sell products created with this font, Tart Workshop is offering the added ability to purchase this license upgrade at the time you place your order. By default, you're allowed to sell 250 items in total without any additional licensing required and should you intend to sell more items, additional levels of licensing can be purchased now or at any time in the future. To be clear, 250 items doesn't refer to how many different items you may create but rather refers to the number of total sales of any item or items created with this font.

OTF | 1 Font | JPG Preview | 4.9 Mb RAR

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Eneas Expanded Font Family - 2 Fonts $27

Eneas Expanded Font Family

Eneas Expanded is a decorative artistic poster handwritten font. It’s an sans serif, wide, rounded monoline font which will provide an informal, funny and fancy look to your work. It’s recommended for display usage for its glyph quality.

OTF | 2 Fonts | JPG Preview | 10.4 Mb RAR

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Sheepman Font Family - 6 Fonts $90
Sheepman Font Family - 6 Fonts $90

Sheepman Font Family

Sheepman inspired by and based on retro William Page’s No.506 typeface which is popular wooden type fonts of the 19th century. To make soft and natural impressions, the original polygonal design was changed to rounded design. All glyphs had been designed carefully to be retro-looking of the old time and to fill all with nostalgia. This modern wood type includes 3 weights and thier matching slanted style and all style have sprayed ends(begining) alternates for F, H, L, M, N, P, U, f, h, j, m, n, p, q, and u which can be accessed by using OpenType Stylistic alternates or swash alts. Sheepman will be the best solution for posters, titles and anywhere you need vintage lettering.

OTF | 6 Fonts | JPG Preview | 3.4 Mb RAR

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