Euroscript Pro Font for $49



Euroscript Pro Font

Euroscript Pro is the digital version of Ralph M. Unger’s handwriting, a very talented and hard-working German type designer. Unger has redesigned a large number of beautiful ancient typefaces during the last few years. Peter Rosenfeld of profonts persuaded him to try and design his own very beautiful handwriting. Kind of hesitant at the beginning of the design process, Unger’s joy and excitement about the project was continuously growing during the design process. He designed not only the standard character complement West, but added all of the Eastern European Latin glyphs and, on top of that, even the complete Cyrillic characters. Born and grown up in Thüringen, former East Germany, Unger has a fair knowledge of Polish and also Russian (Cyrillic). Euroscript Pro is a very beautiful, casual, informal and modern handwriting of a contemporary type designer. Even though a digitized handwriting, it keeps a very natural and pleasant look, at the same time being generous and well-readable. The individual characters combine quite easily and perfectly with no need for extra variants. Euroscript Pro is well-suited for plenty of applications, e.g. personal correspondence, invitations, greeting cards, headlines etc. Euroscript Pro is supplied in the complete Latin character set (West + East) plus Cyrillic.

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Bulgary Font Family - 2 Fonts for $15


Bulgary Font Family

Bulgary is a surreal script that combined brush lettering with traditional hand writing. It is multipurpose and flexible, make it easy to match with another typefaces to create some beautiful project such as wedding invitation, vintage design, greeting card, poster, book cover, illustration, etc. Bulgary script comes with 289 glyphs in total and more than 100 alternate characters which you can mix and match to fit your design. It was divided into a several OpenType feature such as Ligature, Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Alternates, and Stylistic Sets. To Access all alternate characters, you can use OpenType savvy program such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign.

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Hedon Font Family - 8 Fonts for $185


Hedon Font Family

Hedon is hedonistic & humanistic, but not egoistic sans serif family. Comes out with 4 weights and matching Italics. It declares as neutral, versatile and legible partner for any kind of publications, with tiny dose of impressible characteristics that tenderize it’s base.

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Thistle Creek Font for $15


Thistle Creek Font

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Butternut Font Family - 7 Fonts for $59



Butternut Font Family

Butternut’s origins can be traced back to handwriting in felt-tipped marker. Because of this, you’ll find a slight degree of roughness to the edges, yet a fluid softness to the letterforms themselves. As well as some weird, fun details here and there.

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Model 4F Font for $25



Model 4F Font

It’s a high contrast typeface with beautifully designed unicase characters. Model 4F font is perfect solution for every strong and catchy headline but you could easily create a logo or even use it in your attractive t-shirt design. Using it for typographic posters would be a great advantage for every designer because Model 4F has unique look and authentic strong presence. It is developed with full character set for western diacritics, Cyrillic alphabet and elegant alternates that will bring more life and diversity in your design.

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Merina Font Family - 2 Fonts for $51



Merina Font Family

Merina is a fat slab typeface, and works best in text and display applications, such as headline, posters, signage, magazine, product branding, corporate branding, logos and titles. Several alternate characters are included in this typeface.

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Mozzart Sketch Font Family - 9 Fonts for $99


Mozzart Sketch Font Family

Mozzart Sketch is a decorative version of Mozzart Sans, slightly rounded, Neo-Grotesque corporate font, created for MOZZART D.O.O. company from Belgrade, Serbia. Mozzart Sketch is a decorative hand-sketched font for headlines and short texts, and also very readable in small weights. All glyphs were carefully hand drawn, with marker as a tool, then traced and digitized. The family contains: 5 Weights, 3 Condensed and 1 Oblique versions of the font, complementing each other perfectly. All versions contains completely MacOS Roman and MacOS Cyrillic code pages, tabular figures, small caps... perfect for profesional designers and very useful for artistic things, catalogues, music... and many other sensual and beautiful things. Mozzart Sketch is for everybody, just like Mozart’s music! Enjoy!

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Kahlo Rounded Font Family - 25 Fonts for $195


Kahlo Rounded Font Family

Kahlo Rounded is a new version that plays hipster style with a Latin flavor. It was inspired by the strong influence of Mexican decorative elements as you can see in the set of ornaments and patterns. Kahlo Rounded has four weights and italics, initial capital letters, some alternate characters and ending. It works well for magazine headlines, posters, logos, cosmetics packaging, advertising etc. Languages include: Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian and Pan Africa Latin.

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Kailey & Kailey Force Font Family - 4 Fonts for $110


Kailey ForceKailey

Kailey Force contains 3 powerful effects for her kissing cousin: Kailey. The Bold (Drop Shadow), the Brave (Distressed), and the Beautiful (Combined). Kailey is a hand lettered, voluptuous typeface that is very special to the Great Lakes Lettering team. This oblique font is inspired by Molly Jacques’ “signature” lettering style, using bold brush strokes, fluid flourishes, and distinctive characters. Kailey has a distinct feminine feel that takes on a bold attitude to match her curves.

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