Stock Vectors - Calendar Grid of 2012 Year
50 EPS File | + JPEG Preview | 312 Mb RAR    
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Advertising Stands and Billboards - 50 UHQ JPGs SS


50 UHQ JPEG | up to ~ 9200 x 6100 | 437 Mb RAR   

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Geometrical drawing of Fenomen Sans typeface goes back to the roots of the Bauhaus aesthetics and the entire architectural and design avant-garde of the 20th century. It is still a symbol of functional rationality, clean aesthetics in relation to shape, and of progressive thinking. Its popularity is timeless and permanent. The set contains eight basic alphabets of a square pattern, eight semicondensed, eight condensed and eight extremely condensed alphabets, all in Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. Every font of the family has four types of numerals, small caps and variant letters. The typesetting can fluently use all fonts simultaneously. The typeface originated between the years 2011–2014 and was subjected to a series of tests for the fluent legibility of narrow fonts even in extreme conditions. Narrow fonts provide this set with the maximum use also for newspaper typesetting. The typeface has an elegant, delicate design in thin fonts and sufficient legibility in bold. Mutual contrast produces creative tension. The Sans designation implies that the Serif version is under development.

OTF, WOFF | 64 Fonts | JPG Preview | 12.9 Mb RAR

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25 EPS | + JPG Preview | 254 Mb RAR

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Hot Foil | Foil Stamping Machine (CM 209275)

Now You Can Get Flaky, Shimmering, Metallic, Hot Foil Stamp Effects Instantly! The RetroSupply Hot Foil Classic Stamp Machine gives you everything you need to get rich, delicate, flaky hot foil stamp effects instantly. Plus, you can easily isolate it from the background and place it on anything from websites to espresso cups.


Here's What's in the Box:

• 4500x3000 Pixel Smart PSD

• 3000x4500 Pixel Smart PSD

• 3000x3000 Pixel Smart PSD

• 3 Quick Foil Photoshop Actions (Standard, Smooth and Rough)

• Professionally Made RetroSupply Hot Foil User Guide


You Get Real and Digital Foil Textures for More Control:

• Real Gold Foil Texture from Source Material

• Real Bronze Foil Texture from Source Material

• Real Silver Foil Texture from Source Material

• Digitally Crafted Gold Foil Texture

• Digitally Crafted Bronze Foil Texture

• Digitally Crafted Silver Foil Texture

• Digitally Crafted Hologram Foil Texture

• Sorry, no glitter. It gets everywhere and then you have sparkly stuff on your face for the next 5 years ; )

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25 UHQ JPG | up to ~ 9000 x 6000 | 300 dpi | 293 Mb RAR

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Victory Script is the sixth font family created by American Graphic Designer Tom Nikosey. Tom specializes in Lettering, Typographic Design, Illustration for Branding and Trademarks. CozyFonts Foundry is Tom’s intro into the world of font design.

OTF, WOFF | 2 Fonts | PDF, JPG Preview | 10 Mb RAR

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Neogram Font Family - 54 Fonts for $469


Neogram Font Family

A modern sans serif typeface influenced by the work of the Haas type foundry. The concept was to create a neutral typeface that would demonstrate great clarity of form whilst been understated in its intended use and application. This extensive type family has 27 styles, 3 different widths, a full character set, manually edited kerning and Euro Symbol.

TTF | 54 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.4 Mb RAR

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Black Bear Font Family - 12 Fonts for $180


Black Bear Font Family

Black Bear is a stylish angled monoline font family of twelve styles in six weights. Each font is fully loaded with OpenType stylistic and titling alternates to give the fonts a different feel and help with optics for smaller point sizes.

OTF | 12 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 3.8 Mb RAR

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Bookeyed Martin Font Family - 2 Fonts for $30


Bookeyed Martin Font Family

Huzzah for Bookeyed Martin, the much anticipated addition to the popular Bookeyed family. Upright & Strong he attracts eyes to his flashy serifs and ball terminals. His handsome lines, created with an old-fashioned dip pen & sepia ink, reference vintage type in a modern quirky style. Bookeyed Martin is an OpenType font with juicy alternates, ligatures, roman numerals, 2 sets of arabic numbers and charming extra glyphs to pimp out your project.

OTF | 2 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 8.2 Mb RAR

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Indie comes in 4 styles plus another one which consists only in capitals. Indie; Indie Shade; Indie Shade Solo; Indie Inline are all open-type programmed and have exactly the same glyphs and metrics, so you can combine them without probem. (I.E. You may use Indie Inline, then write the same word using Indie Shade Solo, and finally put them together). In applications such as Adobe Illustrator, the font has nice results when fi ligatures is activated. However, if you want a more casual look, activate the contextual and the decorative ligatures.

OTF, WOFF | 5 Fonts | JPG Preview | 5 Mb RAR

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25 EPS | + JPG Preview | 115 Mb RAR

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Lovepen Typeface

Lovepen is a handwriting font, strokes smooth, suitable for signature and logo etc.. It also contains ligatures and contextual alternates,stylistic alternates, hope you like it.

OTF, TTF | 2 Fonts | JPG Preview | 1 Mb RAR

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25 UHQ JPG | up to ~ 9000 x 6000 | 300 dpi | 278 Mb RAR

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Stampbor Typeface

By creating this font, we have relied on world trends. The popularity of this style in the 21st century based on love of the past, a return to the roots, the warmth, which now often do not have enough. We worked two months, was made an average of about 5 typefaces for each letter and selected the best. Font-family Stampbor presented in four variants: Grunge, Round, Lines and Regular.

OTF, WOFF | 4 Fonts | JPG Preview | 8.5 Mb RAR

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The Mammoth! Watercolour Kit

Brace yourself...for the all-new, MAMMOTH Watercolour Media-Maker Kit! - an utterly HUMUNGOUS collection of all-new vector graphics, fonts, watercolours, foils, patterns, papers, splatters and secrets! Equipped with just this pack - you will be an unstoppable watercolour design machine...without even picking up a paint brush :) Make greetings, logos, packaging, invitations, stationery, merchandise, posters, websites, digital presentations and more....You need nothing else! You have everything you need in one pack go wild!:)

12 Fonts | 10 ASL, 1 EPS, 2 AI, 2 PSD | JPG Preview | 183 Mb RAR

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Manny Script Font

Manny Script is a beautiful handmade script give the natural looks. 282 glyphs and alternate character contain with opentype features. Stylistic alternates, Ligature, Swash and more. You can access all those alternate characters by using OpenType savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Great for Apparel Brand, any greeting cards, book cover, Painting design style, or any design that needs natural and personal touch. Mix and match the alternate characters to add an attractive message to your design.

OTF, TTF | 2 Fonts | JPG Preview | 2 Mb RAR

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ABG Centil Font

Give your designs an authentic handcrafted feel. "Abg Centil" is perfectly suited to stationery, logos and much more.

OTF, TTF | 1 Font | AI, EPS, JPG Preview | 3.8 Mb RAR

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Black Future Typeface

Black Future Typeface is a new calligraphy script font combine with street art and blackletter. Sharp edges, wild typeface With almost 480 glyphs contain with opentype features. Stylistic alternates,swash and more. can be used for various purposes.such as logos, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, lable, posters, badges etc. To enable the OpenType Stylistic alternates, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7.

OTF, TTF | 1 Font | JPG Preview | 1.1 Mb RAR

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Rumpledrop Typeface Bundle

Introducing the New Rumpledrop typeface, with a massive pack of handpainted watercolor textures, gold, silver, platinum photoshop textures, and handpainted illustrations! A hand painted brush script with irregular baseline and some alternate Caps. OTF, TTF and Web Font.

• 60 handpainted Watercolor textures - as Photoshop Patterns and Photoshop Layer Styles

• 25 hand painted watercolor splotches and patches

• 90 hand painted illustrations - ready for watercolor or glitter and foil styles - EPS and PNG

• 70 Gold, Silver and Platinum glitter and foil textures for photoshop

• BONUS 12 gold patterned paper backgrounds and 4 seamless paper textures

• 3 gold glitter spills / sprays

OTF, WOFF | 1 Font | JPG Preview | 13.3 Mb RAR

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Novelia Typeface

Novelia is a multi purpose font and ready to make a statement by adding elegant and unique flair to your next design project. Novelia can be used for various purposes such as posters, logos, t-shirt, signage, businnes card, magazines, book cover, wedding invitation, greeting cards etc.

OTF, TTF, Webfont | 1 Font | EPS, JPG Preview | 3 Mb RAR

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Lettres Douces Hand-Lettered Script

Introducing lettres douces! A soft and sweet hand-lettered typeface. Hand drawn characters dance along the baseline. You'll have so much fun creating your own hand-lettered text syles. The combinations of sweet swirly letters are endless.

OTF, TTF, Webfont | 3 Fonts | JPG Preview | 12.9 Mb RAR

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The original Carbon is a popular face at T26. It was released in 2003 under influence of modern typewriter and OCR typeface. Carbon Plus, a re-work version, was commissioned by local communication technology firm and is now available for commercial release. This revised version was designed with more sensible letter forms in order to add some human touch to the face.

OTF, WOFF | 3 Fonts | JPG Preview | 1 Mb RAR

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25 UHQ JPG | up to ~ 9000 x 6000 | 300 dpi | 317 Mb RAR

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Straight View Versions. Make your logos stand out with this collection of 11 mock-ups! Very easy to use and edit via smart objects. Double click the smart object layer thumbnail, paste in your own logo, close and you are done!


- 11 PSD Files

- 2400x1800px

- 300 dpi

- Layered

- Well organised

- Smart objects

- Size: 371 Mb RAR

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